What you'll get: An online voucher for a 3 month snow removal subscription that we customize for the recipient you would like to receive the SnoGram.
When you'll get it: We will email the voucher to you within 12 hours of your order. 
How is it redeemed: The SnoGram recipient can either call, text or email us when they would like to activate their 3 month subscription, and quote the unique code on the voucher to receive free snow removals for the 3 months following activation. 

We'll just need some quick information to get your voucher for 3 months of free snow removal made out to the right person.
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Your SnoGram voucher is now being customized for the recipient and will be sent to the email address you provided us. If you have not received the email containing your voucher within 12 hours, please contact us.

Once received, you can either email the SnoGram to the recipient or print it off and give it them in-person!

Thank you for your order and we hope to hear from you again soon.
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