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The beige and grey areas represent the sidewalk and driveway respectively.

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For this property type, {{answer_EeDJzK6Tbh6I}}, we'll need to get in touch with you to provide a quote. The price per snow removal voucher usually ranges from $20.00 to $40.00, depending on property size.


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This will only ever be shared with the MowSnowPro that shovels the walk.
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If they have a backyard that should be shoveled or anything else that needs clarifying, now's the time!
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SnowGram gift vouchers come with the following terms & conditions. *

1. SnowGram vouchers have no cash value.
2. SnowGram's can only be redeemed at the address that was given during purchase. 
3. SnowGram's can only be redeemed following a fresh snowfall. MowSnowPros is not responsible for removing snow from a walk that has hard snow-packs remaining on it from a past snowfall.
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